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Celebrate in Style with Birthday Party Disco Hire

As a Disco Service and not just a disco, we have one aim, and that is to provide the perfect musical experience for your birthday party. Whatever your birthday celebrations we have sound and lighting systems to ensure you and your guests have a perfect evening, one that can only be described as "unforgettable".

Using our years of experience combined with musical knowledge, you can rest assured that you're 18th Birthday Party will rock! Your 21st Birthday Party will amaze and impress. You are safe in our experienced hands with your 30th, 40th, 50th & 60th etc Birthday Party, as our fantastic light shows and room enhancing mood lighting will create a wow factor second to none.

Request slips .... What a great Idea

We pride ourselves in our very unique way of getting the best from your guests, we have both a friendly and professional attitude to our work, playing your favourite songs and reading the mood of the room which results in a dance floor that stays full!

A lot of “want to be DJ’s” are so obsessed with playing the latest “Big Tune” they fail to understand the simple exercise of playing what the guests want to hear and dance to will have better results, that’s why we encourage client play lists and place request slips and pens on every table, openly encouraging your guests to request songs they want to dance to.

Our fees for birthday parties are very competitive as we only charge what we are worth, leaving you with this thought... What is the guaranteed success of your birthday party worth to you?


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