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REVIEWS For Gearooz Disco Equipment Suppliers

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Gearooz are Based at 4A, 2-4 Cecil Pashley Way, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5FF

This review is honest and based on my personal experience in using Gearooz.

  • Product  … Le Maitre Pea Souper Dry Ice Machine,
  • Best Price anywhere  …  was even given a bag of Dry Ice for free  …   so far so good
  • Good communication at point of sale, very keen to take my money, However was miss informed on how the machine was empted, Matt clearly had none or very little product Knowledge
  • Machine Arrived…..  Badly damaged   ….   Also it looked like it was, either used or an ex demo machine
  • Gearooz contacted….   They asked for photos of box as to blame currier, box was in perfect condition….   here we go
  • Machine was collected….  Was told a replacement would be provided (lie) I told Gearooz This machine was booked to do its first event and when.
  • Nothing  …  no communication, no updates, no customer service, Had to chase Gearooz, to be lied to again then, chased Le maitre to be told that the machine had been fixed and would be sent direct to me  …  So now Im getting what looked like a used or ex demo and fixed machine
  • Contacted Gearooz talked with Olly  …   told Olly of my dissatisfaction the response was abrupt and rude “ If you’re not happy I will cancel the order and refund your money”.

This was not what I wanted with my first booking the next day

  • Next Day Thursday  …   Dry Ice turned up but no machine No communication from Gearooz
  • Next Day Friday    …  Bride had been let down, still no machine. I lost money on booking and additional purchase of dry Ice, this leaves me with no machine and out of pocket  £200.00. Contacted Olly at Gearooz told him would take up his offer, Please cancel the order and refund my money  …  No Response from Gearooz
  • Next Day Saturday …  Machine turns up; a quick check revealed it was the same machine. This was no use to me I paid for a new machine in plenty of time for my event, what Gearooz wanted me to have was a “Used”  ex demo, damaged repaired machine two days late for my event. The delivery was declined, the machine returned to sender
  • Response from Gearooz   …  No immediate response from Gearooz, when the response did arrive it was of course Le Maitre’s fault   .. I did not purchase the machine from Le Maitre !
  • Six Days later having had no further response from Gearooz and out of pocket to the tune of £825.00 I contact Gearooz to be told a refund had been arranged and funds would be in my account within 14 days
  • Will I use Gearooz again?  …   NEVER. Will I post my experiences in using Gearooz on my face book page, blog and all of Gearooz review sites?   ….  100% YES
  • Are Gearooz Bothered?   …   by their actions or lack of them Clearly not