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The Grove


Hi “The Grove”

A few  …  well quite a lot of people have been asking if I could do something on a Thursday after the 8pm Clap the answer is YES However I can’t do things by halves

MY Idea for next Thursday  (16th of April)


From now until next Thursday, I would like everybody to post their  1 most favourite most uplifting song  EVER!  Along with their house number. Remember its just one song per house! so thinking caps on and no arguing

Please no slow, “Chris De Burgh – The Lady In Red” Type songs, & no repeat songs  IF I DONT GET 25 songs it’s not worth me doing  so come on the Grove

Then after the Clap next Thursday I will do a 30 min set (weather permitting) I aim to set up a PA in the park, Inc Lights remember I can’t do things by halves.  So when the clap is over  …  BTW thank you for your support already seen on the Grove, & those that are not supporting & clapping   ….   WHY

I would now like everyone back in their houses, THIS IS NOT A STREET PARTY with Your windows  open I will then commence my 30 min set  made up of your songs,  when you hear your song you have to rush out and dance like no one is watching for 60 seconds. At the end of your drive

Fancy dress and props are optional & encouraged but no nudity. I will use a follow spot to light the house that is dancing, so all can see, So you really will be in the spotlight for 60 seconds.

As soon as the your 60 seconds is over its BACK IN THE HOUSE and on to the next house and so on, this is to uplift spirits and give you something to look forward to.


  • Will it be loud? :   not really    … DEFINE LOUD
  • Will Some One call the Police: YES  But by the time they get here it will be over
  • Will People object to this Idea: YES But only if they are boring
  • Will we be breaking any Isolation Laws NO as longs as its only 1 house out at a time
  • Will there be a Prize for the best Dancers ? HELL YES
  • What will the prize be? ….  WIN IT & SEE
  • Will I be breaking any Laws by setting up in the park: ? I have read the notices on the park and it does not mention no DJ sets so NO