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The Heath House Stoke-on-Trent ST10 4HA

The Heath House is an exclusive use venue found off Hollington Road Stoke on Trent ST10 4HA

Built in 1840 and run by husband and wife team, Justin & Sophie Heath House is an amazing exclusive venue for hire

To compliment this amazing venue and your event, it is always best advised to engage professional entertainment. If you truly want an outstanding event then Dave Dee Discos have entertained on oodles of occasions both in the House itself and the static marquee with first class results & glowing reviews every time and really should be your first port of call

View a Mini Video Montage of Past Events HERE

Dave Dee Discos are located approximately 15 minutes away from the venue which allows them to set up any equipment requirements pre the event resulting in an altogether smoother running event for their clients

For further details on how amazing Dave and his team can make your event at Heath House contact Kim in admin / sales on 01782 312060 or request you no obligation pone consultation by clicking this link Here

View Dave Dee Discos reviews here

                          BELOW PHOTOS OF PAST EVENTS @ HEATH HOUSE  

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