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Your First Dance On A Pure White Cloud

About our Dancing On The Clouds

Dave Dee Discos have the perfect effect to make your first dance one that you & your guests will remember for many years to come.

The “Dancing on the Clouds” is created using real dry ice and a professional dry ice machine. This is not low lying fog fluid or a standard smoke machine over ice cubes.

Using dry ice as used on such shows a the x factor & Britain’s got talent produces a pure white dense cloud, it also ensures the cloud never rises above your waist and always stays low to the ground.

We guarantee this effect will look STUNNING in your photos and videos


  • 100% safe
  • No Residue
  • 200% Amazing
  • Will not set off smoke alarms
  • The cloud produced is hypoallergenic to ensure guests with allergies will not be affected
  • Cost  between £160.00 & £195.00 Dependent on your venue location
  • The more additional extras you book the bigger the saving
  • We do price match this service on a like for like basis

Watch our video of this jaw dropping effect by clicking SHOW ME !

To further enhance this effect and create an even bigger jaw dropping WOW!  You can

  • Add LED lighting so the cloud can be any colour of your choice
  • Add a our stunning RGBW Twinkling dance floor under the cloud  (VIEW IT)
  • Get in touch today for a no obligation chat, we can answer any questions  LET’s TALK

Your First Dance On a pure white Cloud