Option 1

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Show One Suitable for 20 - 75 people


Very compact mini disco best suited for children’s entertainment or small family parties/ weddings

LIGHTING: 8 x par 56 colour cans, 2 x DMX Lighting Effects
DJ BOOTH: 1x Star cloth DJ Booth
SOUND: 2 x Bose 802's 1 X Amplifier 1 x processer
EFFECTS: None as standard (see option 1 extras)
SET UP TIME: 30 min
APPROX SIZE: 3m wide x 2.5m high x 2m depth
SUITABLE FOR: 20 - 75 guests

COST: £435.00  .... read our reviews here

Our fees are based on a 4 hour set and represent our experience, expertise, quality, service & ultimately  how amazing your evening will be

EXTRA TIME:  is always available on request, charged at £30.00 per every half hour

We always provide a full time professional DJ/Presenter, Quality sound and lighting, Public Liability insurance (£10.000000) and PAT certificates and the latest music pro dub licence

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