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Greg Turners 10th Birthday


Pattingham Village Hall Wolverhampton 

Happy Birthday to Greg Turner 10 years old! Mom Pam Turner engaged us to provide simply the best 10th Birthday Party ever. Did we do it? Of course we did!!

With 3 pages of music requests from Greg and his sister Lexie and Gregs very specific equipment requests -

  • Smoke
  • A mirror ball
  • A Night Club Feel
  • Big visual projections
  • Multi beam lighting effects
  • One amazing sound system
  • Plasma screens to show text messages of good will and song requests

Hey presto... Pattington Village Hall is now a mini night club!

Greg was given the choice at the start of his party of just music or a combination of music & games he chose wisely as I think the games Greg picked added to, and made his party so much better. The games were; wrapping, spitting, drinking & mountain trike scooting with big cousin involvement and lots of cheating .... I’ll say no more
A big thank you to both Pam & Keith (Mom & Dad) for inviting us to play at Greg’s 10th Birthday.

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