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Heath Hayes Constitutional Club WS12 3HN

Heath Hayes Constitutional Club is out Cannock way on the Hednesford Road, and is a very welcoming place to be in. Having been there a few times, we also get a great reception from the crowd when ever we play

School Discos in Lichfield & Staffordshire

Holding a school disco is becoming more and more popular as schools have to be seen to be promoting after school activities. We currently provide entertainment for Primary, Junior and High Schools (names of schools provided on request) all over

Childrens Disco Booking Tips

How to book the best Young Person / Children’s DJ /Disco. Entertaining young Children and teens is not as easy as Dave Dee Discos make it look. There are 100’s and 100’s of part time, hobby DJ’s out there that

Poppy’s 10th @ Smallwood, Uttoxeter

A picture of the venue where Dave Dee Discos had the pleasure of DJ’ing for Poppy’s 10th birthday party, if anything, it was great to DJ for such a great bunch of  ”young adults”. Well mannered things they were, and

Dave Dee Discos The Newspaper Game

This game is really simple, fun, interactive, as well as funny to do, yet another game created by Dave Dee Discos How is it played? You start with 1 sheet of newspaper for each child placed on the floor you

Dave Dee Discos Kids Draw Pets Game

This game is really simple and fun to do, it can also be seasonally adapted, yet another game created by  Dave Dee Discos How is it played? You start with all the children sat down, you then ask the question,

Dave Dee Discos The 2p Game

This game is an updated version of pass the parcel Dave Dee Discos created this game, How is it played? Simple you ask the children to sit down in a circle, with their legs crossed; you then give each child

Children’s Disco Warning

Dave Dee Discos provide amazing childrens discos, and a success guarantee  … no one else does this! Book your childrens discos with Dave Dee Discos and leave the rest to us, your will get a very experienced Dj that can

The Leading Childrens DJ provider in Staffordshire

Have you found us because you’re searching for the leading childrens DJ provider in Staffordshire? If so, then we’re pleased to say that you’ve certainly come to the right place and welcome to Dave Dee Discos. For over 20 years

Fun Children’s DJ Cannock

From our years of experience providing children’s discos, we know that the key element to the event is FUN! The children must be kept entertained for the entire time. We achieve this through a mixture of fantastic music that’s relevant