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Childrens Disco Booking Tips

How to book the best Young Person / Children’s DJ /Disco.

Entertaining young Children and teens is not as easy as Dave Dee Discos make it look. There are 100’s and 100’s of part time, hobby DJ’s out there that will readily boast that they can provide discos for children, when in fact very few can, simple Q ask if they are DBS checked if they say no this will cast a shadow on there credibility as all true children’s entertainers will have a DBS cert

How To Sort The Good From The Bad  

Please use the list of questions below to ask any potential DJ/ Disco before engaging their services!

  1. Q: Are you a full time DJ & children’s disco provider
  2. Q: Are you CRB checked?  If Yes, Ask to have a copy emailed to you
  3. Q: Can I see your latest 3 reviews (these should be no older than 6 weeks old)
  4. Q: Do you have Public Liability Insurance (also known as P.L.I) Ask To see a copy
  5. Q: Is the equipment you use industry standard and Portable Appliance Tested  (P.A.T)
  6. Q: Will you confirm the booking in writing, Should I engage your services
  7. Q: Do you have a failsafe backup plan should you be ill or your equipment fail
  8. Q: Can you provide client testimonials 
  9. Q: My son/daughter is ## years old please talk me through what you would do
  10. Q: Is your business registered with Company’s House and HM Revenue and Customs

Dave & Malk from Dave Dee Discos have very unique skills, loads of experience and an instant likeability factor; kids of all ages just take to these guys.

Each disco is tailored to suit the birthday person or event in question and their guests, the music will change the games will change however the sense of fun and the end success results never changes

If you want to see the biggest smile on your Child’s face accept no imitations or part time DJ’s, book your success guarantee, book with Dave Dee  ….  Contact us today


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