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6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Breathtaking

1.  Book The Best DJ Possible, Based on Value For Money & Not Cost DJ Hire Tips 2.  Add Stunning Light Up Letters Will Create That Perfect Focal Point, Backdrop Large White Light UP LOVE Letters View Here Large White Mr

Uplighting Hire Staffordshire

What is Uplighting?   Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up. Thus creating the effect of “up lighting”. Uplighting is a very effective way to dramatically improve the

Win Your Disco T’s & C’s

No Tricks or Catches, You Really Can Win Your Disco! Even if you have already booked your Disco with us, or if you would like to win a disco for a friend as a gift, or you are a future Bride

Disco Ruins Brides Big Day

Click Photo to enlarge Below are some statistics that will hopefully inform and advise Between 2% & 4% of their budget is the amount most Brides & Grooms reserve for their entertainment. The photos to the left are a prime


Cue cheesy promo music! After spending many an hour (read:wasted!) watching the A-Team in the 80′s, it was a dream to one day drive a van as truly awesome as theirs! Now older and wiser (citation needed!) i have combined

Cheap Disco V’s Professional Disco

Not all discos are the same, sadly a lot of people do not get this, to visually assist have a look at the two photos above, Now ask yourself which set up would you rather have at your event? If

What is Uplighting?


Uplighting also known as mood lighting and more recently venue enhancement, is an assembly of lights set up around a room usually shining upwards onto the walls producing vibrant colours, hence the name Uplighting View a number of our past

How to Book the Best Disco Possible

Most disco companies write pages and pages on this one when there really is no need all you need to remember is one word: COMMUNICATION! and some very simple questions, found here There are 1000’s of “Part Time, Hobby DJ’s”

The Subtle Art Of Distracting Women!

First things first, you may notice two very stunning looking fellas up there, and the answer to your question is yes, that is Dave Dee of Dave Dee Discos fame! On this particular evening of joviality and giggles, i was