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Disco Ruins Brides Big Day

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Below are some statistics that will hopefully inform and advise

Between 2% & 4% of their budget is the amount most Brides & Grooms reserve for their entertainment. The photos to the left are a prime example of this

Surprising results from surveys taken by wedding publications and wedding websites after the big day show that

  • The entertainment chosen for a wedding party is responsible for 80% of the event’s success.
  • 63% of the guests attending  a wedding do not even remember what was served for dinner or what the wedding favours were, but yes they do remember the entertainment
  • 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about the big day was the entertainment.
  • After the reception, 72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

What questions to ask can be found ….  here

  • 100% of brides say in hindsight they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During Wedding Planning

  • 90% of the bride surveyed, say their highest priority is their attire,
  • Next is the church
  • Followed by the reception site
  • Then caterer
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Venue Dressing
  • Rings
  • Transport
  • Wedding Party attire
  • Wedding favours & Gifts
  • The entertainment is among the least of their priorities and normally left to last


  • Within one week after reception, 78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment higher on their list of priorities
  • 65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding said that if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a Mobile Disco.

To Sum Up

To hire less than a consummate professional for your celebration courts disaster and can mean the difference between fond memories and unhappy regrets.”

Dave Dee Discos chief priority at every event is to ensure our clients have a stress free evening that is going to be remembered for all the right reasons, all they have to do is relax and have a worry-free, enjoyable time.

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